May 14, 2012

First Weeks "At Home"

We've been at our house for six weeks! What’s it like? It’s a load of projects that we’re itching to get done, but will be accomplished over time. It’s days rising with the sun at 5:30 and ending with a late dinner, worn out. We take a break in the hottest part of the afternoon, and I actually often take a little nap. I've never napped! Chuck has amazing stamina, he works while I doze. Incredible!


After working about three days, we go shopping. Home Depot and thrift shops are the favorites. And, we joined Costco. After all, we've a place to store the toilet paper, supersize packages and frozen goods.

We make discoveries. Many things need repairs, from the old aluminum garden shed to the electric box and water heater leak damage. We won’t get to the large things till fall or winter. I love to work in the yard! Is it a yard if there's no grass? 

The wildlife is very entertaining, mainly small animals and birds. We watched a coyote dash up the wash that crosses the property!

There are surprises, too, like sudden blooms on a tree I’d thought dying. What looked like dead branches were flower buds on the smoke trees. There are 10 or more, several are large.
We've had overnight company! And welcome more. RV hookups are in, and there's a bed (still wrapped in plastic) in the house. Check to be sure we're here, though. Our home is still the trailer, and will be till we’ve new siding and windows. Inside now, there's also a rocker, bookcase, large table for the craft room-guest room and a glass patio table with four folding chairs that is our living room strategy center. Chuck’s already installed a HAM radio and antennae, so the basics are done.

Next week we'll head for Bastrop, TX, to empty our storage locker and tote back all of our souvenirs and miscellany, a pile that's been growing since we sailed away from San Francisco in 1989.

March 18, 2012

What About a Home Base?

During our sailing years and now while RV’ing, we’d occasionally lounge in the cockpit, or look at each other across the cat snoozing on the truck seat and we want some sort of home base? Were would it be? What would it be like?
And now, WE’VE DONE IT!  
On March 8, just three and a half weeks after driving our 5th wheel home into Tucson, we turned a key and entered the door to a house – OUR house! Guided by a friend who is a mighty fine realtor, we acquired an acre of land with an older double-wide manufactured home.
Our property is in the northern region of the Sonoran desert, which covers large parts of Arizona and California, Northwest Sonora Mexico and the length of Baja California. We’re happy that the home place has native vegetation, including a few saguaros, the cactus most commonly associated with the Sonora desert and Tucson. Two of them are really big. Healthy? We're not sure, but they are big. And they have residents!

The house needs work; including new siding that will be impervious to woodpeckers (there are existing holes!), double pane windows, and gradual remodeling of what is already a nice layout for us. The center is a large kitchen/dining/living room open space, and there's a bedroom at each end. One will be a radio shack/hobby area. The front porch will one day be enclosed as an “Arizona Room.” Chuck will build a shop building. I will help the cactus and native plants along, and plan a cactus walk.  

The work will be interspersed with our travels, which will continue. Just think of those hot desert summers!
We had three days to measure, patch walls, change locks and water cactus…then we drove away to visit Chuck’s brother and family in Los Angeles. It's raining in LA now, and we hope that the storm delivers some moisture to Arizona, which needs it!

The future cactus path, where young ones grow sheltered under bushes:

A large barrel cactus, tiny saguaro, and dove eggs.

We’re 16 miles west of northern Tucson, not far from the Arizona Sonora-Desert Museum. To see the neighborhood, Google West Orange Grove Road, Picture Rocks, AZ.