September 19, 2011

Land of Beauty

Behind us for now, land of drought. Where the ancient ones lived, we have been surrounded by beauty. And, we have seen rain.
In beauty, happily I walk.
With beauty before me, I walk.
With beauty behind me, I walk.
With beauty below me, I walk. 
With beauty above me, I walk.
With beauty all around me, I walk.
It is finished again in beauty.
It is finished in beauty.    -- Hozhogo Naasha
El Morro National Monument and ruin:
El Morro National Monument (17)  El Morro National Monument (26)
Hello, again! It appears that this blog has not been nurtured! I guess we’ve been  enchanted.  Since leaving Austin, we’ve been roaming the awesomely beautiful lands of northern NM and southwestern CO.
Taos: St Francis de Asis front and rear:
Taos San Francisco de Asis Church (8)  Taos San Francisco de Asis Church (9)
                   1890 merry-go-round at Taos fair:
               NM 1890Taos Merry-Go-Round (1)
The High Road landscape; Truchas Church:
High Road Dry Country  Truchas Church Chuck
Echo Amphitheater and Ghost Ranch
Echo Ampitheater (5)  Ghost Ranch O'Keefe (2)
Ute Mountain Indian Reservation; road to Telluride:
Drive to Rico Chimney Rock (4)  Drive to Teluride (4)
Now we’re in east-central AZ. We just left Show Low and Lakeside, a mountainous summer retreat area for folks living in lowland AZ. There, we rendezvous’d with sailing friends and Chuck accomplished surprise truck repairs and planned RV repairs. I’ve had budget busting surprise dental work and done a bit of hooking – and if that sounds odd, check our previous blogs!
Oh, a couple more pix… Old Zuni Mission (awesome murals inside) and cemetery, men’s graves to the left, women’s to the right. Craftsmen selling hand-carved and painted light switch covers.
Zuni Church (5)  Zuni Church (2)
Zuni Pueblo ovens, where women work together baking bread, and sacred mesa:
               Zuni Pueblo (26)