May 6, 2010

Hasta la Vista, Mexico! We Must Depart.

We came back to Roca Azul almost a month ago, as a last stop before leaving Mexico. Our Roca Azul campsite has been muy tranquillo! Well, except for three simultaneous town celebrations last weekend: the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 (Cinco De Mayo to you-all up north!), the Señor del Jocotepec Huaje church festival, and a three-day Latin America motorcycle builder’s blowout at the malecon/lakeside park! I guess it’s our send-off of sorts.
The afternoon procession was som1 May Parade Spectatorsber, but many spectators were dressed for the parties to follow!

There’s a soft, cool breeze tonight. We’re the last of the seasonal campers here. The migrating winter birds have vanished. Local egrets and coots stalk the shallows. DSC05393 Roca Lake no Birds


The sweet, doomed sheep that dined on weeds outside the Roca gate have met their fate. It’s just us, the songbirds’ morning cacophony, and the cows. They are happy cows, migrating daily between their feeding/milking pen and the lakeshore grass. This morning 18 big ladies had a fling, galumphing toward 1 Roca 18 Cows greener fields beyond Roca, cowboys on foot at their heels.

On Sunday we start our own migration north through Brownsville. Our six-month Mexico tourist card expires May 15. Again, it’s time to say Adios amigos! to Mexico and to our resident pals, who are all hoping the summer rains might, for once, be early. We end our fourth six-month trip to this fascinating country with the usual mix of regret and anticipation.
Since November, we’ve spent time in San Carlos, Mazatlan, Jocotepec, Queretaro, San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico City, Cholula/Puebla, Oaxaca, Cuernavaca and Patzcuaro. Whew!
Blog Angels C&G2 smStay tuned, we’ve still got stories to tell about Mexico, and tales about our stateside travels. WE HAVE PLANS … still developing. We’ll also recall our sailing years and spin those yarns for you, pulling them from our nautical journals for the first time.

Anonymous: Well, how did you start to RV Mexico?

We first came RV’ing to Mexico after we were flushed out of the New Orleans area by hurricane Katrina. In years past, we’d racked up over three years sailing the Mexico coast aboard La Mouette. In 2005, we’d been working in NOLA for seven years. Between May and Katrina’s onslaught in August, we sold our sailboat home and moved into the small trailer at left with plans to take a trip – then lost our jobs to high water before we could quit! We were suddenly on the road … and we liked it! After the first year we bought our Laredo 27, with comforts to exceed, in some ways, those of the boat - still our yardstick to measure many things!
Curious about the history of the Battle of Puebla and of Cinco de Mayo? Check out Mexico Bob's post!


Anonymous said...

wow, your friends in that picture around the table are all FABULOUS looking broads!

we're gonna miss you guys. come back soon!


C and G Taylor said...

I am lucky enough to move in rather elevated circles, yes?

Anonymous said...

Hi C & that a pix of you guys on the bow of La Mouette??? LOL! Have a safe trip...let me know where you are when you're stateside...Donna