September 26, 2010


In Nova Scotia, it’s the law! Recycling requires an intimate knowledge of garbage. An unused napkin is recyclable. A used napkin is organic, goes with your apple peels. It’s difficult to be legal.
DSC00956 McDonalds has three different bins for their customer waste products. They’re labeled, but Chuck & I could still disagree about where the plastic sundae cup should go. Hey, his cup, he decided!
The Lunenburg Campground hands out written instructions for their lineup of five bin categories. Peeking in, accuracy seems about 50%, but we’re all “from away” and rather uneducated! How big a mistake is it if the Coke cans you tossed in were wrapped in a plastic bag? The compost category does not permit plastic bags. Whale’s Cove Campground had three categories of refuse, while Digbee Campground had four. We have had multiple (plastic!) trash bags hanging in our galley and placed beside the door.
A marina recyle set has simple categories: Garbage. Garbage. Refundables. Recyclables. You still must know the difference. Should the recyclables be washed? That mayo jar? What about the lid? The lobster trap wouldn’t fit in the holes. It could go in a landfill group except for the wire and the float. But maybe the float is wood, too.

We departed Nova Scotia yesterday, already full of nostalgia. At the beautiful Stonehurst Trailer Park and Golf Course campground in New Brunswick, what did we find? A surprise behind our trailer!

They don’t recycle here!

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