December 5, 2010

First Hooking Success!

Voila! The hooked “rug” is finished!

For the pineapple and interior circle I used a purchased pattern. I created the outer design and bought extra wool strips to complete it. Fun!

About 14” across, this is destined to become a stool cover. Making that is the hard part for me, because I dumped the heavy sewing machine that I used – and sorta ruined - by sewing sails. I will borrow or buy.

(See how I became a hooker at my Hooked! posting.)


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Look at that!!! I'll be damned, girl, that is SO cute! You are amazing, nothing artistic you can't do.
How long does it take to make something that size? What about a small rug? Or a toilet seat cover!!!
You better come down south and teach us all how to do that, I want to learn!
Good job.

C and G Taylor said...

I can bring materials and show you. You can do! I forgot to time the work, should have. You can also make items to frame, things for table and such.

barb said...

gigi, that's GREAT! i love it.

i agree with lulu, you need to come back down mexico way and teach us how to do that. we could make a cape for maggie the dog. she would be so stylin'!

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful, Gigi. Love the warm colors. You are inspiring me! Can't wait to see your next creation.
Paula :o)