May 5, 2011

Hookers Don’t Do It Alone

I haven’t hooked a rug yet. Nope! But I have done some fun small stuff and am learning a lot.

For that I must thank two sources. First, I’ve already mentioned the talented hookers I’ve met during hook-ins at quilt/hooking shops in Fredericksburg, Tucson and Phoenix. Watching and questioning experienced artists as they work is just good medicine, inspiring and instructive. Hookers love to talk about and show their work!








At the annual Round Top antique/crafts sale near Austin, a gracious hooker showed me how she finishes the edges and recommended a couple of books. Somehow, she does beautiful large rugs on a 15” hoop just like mine!



Precious Wanda Kerr PortraitBut because we’re on the road so much, most of my learning takes place through The Welcome Mat, a truly special website presented by Wanda Kerr - artist, guide and voyager into life, art and beauty. The site is fired by hundreds or thousands (honest!) of active hooker participants. The Welcome Mat - – is a treasure trove including discussions, how-to’s, challenges, and problem-solving, and laughs. I spend time there daily. Here’s one of Wanda’s pieces, a lovely hooked portrait of her daughter Vanessa and Lucy the cat.

I aspire to do a portrait one day. Who will it be?

Here are my small projects. This 8 x 9.5” piece is first of a set. The second will be finished when I find one or two similar blues to replace the color I ran out of!





You can see here how hooking is done into burlap, linen or other materials using a hoop or other frame. These are two name tags and an ATC. Artist trading cards are remembrances exchanged with others. They’re generally about 3.5 x 2.5” though I saw them as postcard size when I worked at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. The ATC is first of what could be a state collection. Guess what  state this is - it’s Chuck’s home state! These will be cut from the burlap (leaving a hem to be turned under) and finished on the edges.

I confess that all this has probably interfered with my own blogging, but I aim to do better. Yeah, I know, we all say that!

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Wanda said...

Thank you for the lovely write up ! Vanessa looks great on your blog!