January 5, 2010

Twenty-Five Years!!

Suddenly this day has dawned, a wonderful and rather incredible surprise!

Today, it has been twenty-five years since Chuck & I were married in a pink neon chapel in Reno, and woke in our Lake Tahoe hotel to a lovely new snowfall. We’ve not seen snow since.

I have a theory that when you crowd your days with as many new experiences as possible, your life is actually extended. By this reasoning, our very full years together should seem to have passed slowly, slowly. But noooo…, they have raced by!

When we decided to “tie the knot,"* we’d had La Mouette for nearly a year, and were fully focused on preparing her and us for a long cruise to Mexico. It was not for lack of Chuck asking, by the way! OK, I guess I was a bit scared about that commitment – but he was persuasive. When I did finally come around, we decided on a “walk in” wedding with close friends as witnesses…and a big party at an Oakland waterfront restaurant. We honeymooned with a first trip to Mexico - exotic Puerto Vallarta.

We knew that we'd be back, via sea. It would take us four years to begin that adventure. We were entering a new world, learning new skills, equipping La Mouette, and already making many new friends!

During all the years since, we have lived in mobile, or poised to be mobile circumstances. We realize that this will have to change one day, and do think about alternatives. However, we’ve not yet settled on any clear conclusion to the question, what next?

Hmmmm….maybe in February we’ll drive south to visit Oaxaca. It’s just six hundred
twenty-nine miles!

Twenty-fifth Anniversary gift, silver.
Stones: Green garnet.  Alternatively, tsavorite

(* There is no nautical association with this very old phrase. See
http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/tie-the-knot.html .)


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

¡Felecitades, amigos! Nice post, but mostly congrats on 25 wonderful adventurous years of wedded bliss.
What a good life you've had, AND IT AIN'T OVER YET!
Love you guys,

Kris y Ken said...

We're tickled that we've been part of three of your special twenty-five years! Follow us to Oaxaca...

Anonymous said...

Congrats from the desert rat.... 25 years!! Yow.. Time fly's when you're havin fun... Here's to the next 25...