January 27, 2010

Leaving Roca Azul

This Saturday we will leave Roca Azul campground after two months and a week, and head down the road to new destinations!

Our goal is Oaxaca, a bit over 600 miles away. Our route will take us down MX15D past Morelia, then to the Arco Norte, a new highway bypassing Mexico City to the east. We are not sure where this grand new road starts, but we will find it! Along the way, we’ll see Teotihuacan - the Big Daddy of Mexican archeological ruins, and also Puebla, a classic colonial city.

First, we must say adios to our fine RV friends, great birding, daylong road trips, team truck repairs, potlucks and morning walks; to the lakefront, hot pool, cold pool, trees, tennis court (we watch) and free laundry.

We also bid Hasta la vista to Jocotepec and to local pals, among them us four who celebrated our birthdays together this month!

And adios! to the new burro down the road. 

We’ll be back to Roca Azul in April. Look forward to the next post from a new location, as soon as we set up our Hughes Internet satellite dish again!


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Good pics!!! The sunset one is award-winning.

Don't go!!! Don't go!!! We'll miss you, but see you again in April. Be safe.

Wandering Willy said...

Guys,when its time to find the Arco Norte,it starts on Mex 57 at present and is called Mex 40D,and starts at Km 88 just north of the Jilotepec turnoff.
I came from the west like you on Mex 15D and the turn off at Atlacomulco on 15D was a nightmare because of new construction.Finally I went up 55 and crossed at Aculco to get on Mex 57 then 40.
By the time this winter is over I'll have travelled the Arco 4 times.Too much in tolls.

lostpines said...

Safe Travels Aunt and Uncle...will be keeping an eye out for your next posting