February 12, 2010

San Juan Teotihuacan Procession

Ah, Teotihuacán Trailer Park in San Juan Teotihuacán  – where Mina, our hostess, says Chuck’s cough will soon disappear – this is the Land of the Gods, after all! The huge Teotihuacán Pyramids of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon are merely two kilometers away. We saw their blue silhouettes as we neared town from the north.

After all my agonizing about finding the new Arco Norte highway, the fine advice I collected by nagging our RV friends and bloggers (too many to list, you know who you are!), and the suspense counting down the kilometer markers as my finger traced the Roji map, it was a breeze! You cannot miss the clearly marked turnoff to 40D when heading south on 57D. A segment shows on the new Roji toward Tula. It's an easy and scenic route. (Brian, we'll save your meticulous notes about other new, more direct highway 5D for next time!)
Yesterday we wandered our pueblo's market, plaza, museum and cathedral, across the street from the campground. Our cat Rojo heard cojetes for the first time and  freaked! We’re so close that launch sticks from the loud rockets fall around our trailer! In just one day, Ro learned to rush under the bed when he hears church bells, becaue they usually precede the booms. We saw a poster announcing a procession that very night.

Mucho ringing and rockets signaled the procession at 5:30, as latecomers trotted down the street. We watched from our gate with Mina’s daughter, Carina, who called the event a joyful pre-Easter occasion.

Parishioners flowed from the cathedral courtyard, following the cojete-man and his assistant with an armload of rockets, a megaphone truck, a young man with smoking censer, church dignitaries, and little angels, shepherded by moms. The rather well-dressed congregation followed closely, carrying yellow and white balloons!

The band held the rear.

The procession wound through town and returned past the campground, so we got to see it again. A woman at the tail end passed out balloons to spectators, but I had my hands full with the camera.

After the parade passed, I talked with Carina and Mina and met Mina’s mom, who’d come to see the parade…and she sweetly gave me her balloon! What great people they are!

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