February 2, 2010


We woke at 6am to the drumming of a steady, heavy rain. Don't know when it started.
This is SO unusual!
Two days ago, Marilyn & I hiked the unfinished bypass hwy that will route eastbound through traffic around Jocotepec's north side, rather than through the narrow streets. Already paved at one end, bulldozed at the other, it was a fine hike with a great view of town. But black, dramatic thunderheads began to blow in, and before we made our way down a dirt lane to her house, a few drops were falling.
Real rain began soon after, as we picked up Chinese takeout. Yes, Chinese. Mexican man meets Japanese woman in the U.S. and before long they open Joco's only Chinese restaurant! By the way, a few doors up the street, Mexican woman meets Peruvian man on the Internet = New Mexican restaurant in Joco. This is a great town! 

And that rain...it grew torrential, with downpour and thunder finally ending at dawn. It's like everything we've heard about the summer rainy season, NOT due until June! We've been here during four winter seasons and have NEVER had any rain. Nor the cold weather we experienced here in December and January with a couple of light rains! VERY unseasonable.

It is a nice taste of the summer we hear about: rainstorms at night, beautiful days, green hills and flowers everywhere! The locals love it, waiting eagerly through the dusty April-May days.
If you arrive in Jocotepec early enough in October, you will see this shortcut lane leading from Roca Azul to Joco lined with the last masses of daisies, morning glories and pink and red wildflowers!

This morning's rain goes on...

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