December 10, 2009

Drive to Mazatlan

November 20, Drive to Mazatlan.
Leaving San Carlos early, we saw work parties along the road with rakes, brooms, machetes and bags, cleaning up trash and cutting brush. They seemed to be volunteers, young men and women in ordinary clothing. Many waved as we went by, and we waved, too, which made others turn to look and wave. Quite fun for us all, it seemed. We saw more enthusiastic workers here and there all morning. The cut grasses and branches from roadside were stuffed into sacks, maybe to take home to the horses, goats and cows? The next day was the Dia de la Revolucion holiday, maybe they were sprucing up for that.

People at bus stops, carrying groceries home and kids walking home from school waved spontaneously. Our truck is extremely noisy (straight pipes) and pedestrians or bicyclers normally turn to see what’s coming….just to see if they’re safe, I think. We think they wave at us strangers from el Norte just out of natural friendliness. Maybe it is that they know we come because we like their country – and they’re proud to show it off! As a passenger, I’ve found that strangers – even those who turn to look with a blank face – will nearly always wave and flash a grin in return to a waving hand in the window.

When we crossed into Sinaloa, the desert turned green, bushy and grassy, with trees and glimpses of small village life. We were tired when we rolled into Los Mochis Copper Canyon RV Park an hour before sundown, and buzzed from truck noise and motion. Again, we were off early in the morning.

Mazatlan, Sonora.
Location, location, location. Mazatlan has several campgrounds, all formal and well-equipped, but we returned to simple and somewhat neglected Mar y Vista because it is the only one truly on the beach! The landscaping looks to have been done a generation ago and roughly held in check by machete, and a little personal hacking by campers. While C installed our Internet satellite, I walked to the long beach and stood there with a wonderful feeling of relaxation and well-being, just being “at the beach!”

In a 3-nite stay we enjoyed two dinners with sailing friends Winona & Roy, beach walks, shell gathering, sea bird pix, iguanas overhead, a beachside hammock, exploring an end-of-the-road cliffside beach with fish camp and restaurants, & a McDonald’s sundae on the tourists’ Gold Coast!

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