December 17, 2009

Roca Azul, at Last!

Driving into Roca Azul campground is kinda like our sailing into an anchorage in the old days, sanning the tethered rigs to see who might be here. Look! Once again, our friends have saved for us the same site we’ve occupied for the past three years! We feel totally at home, and it’s great to be back. That’s us, with Chuck’s HAM antennae on the roof. Roca Azul Resort and RV Park (check out their website) is located in a quiet neighborhood on the western shore of Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake. We have a lake view from our back window.
The resort has a kids’ playground, swimming pool, hot spring pool, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, and soccer field where a Jocotepec team practices enthusiastically each Tuesday evening. For those of us less athletic, there's a lakeside lighthouse where campers gather for an occasional sundowner. There’s a clubhouse, Wi-Fi, and gated security. Around us are agricultural fields, lakeside cows and a bird population that could be the subject of a whole ‘nother post!
A third generation of the Sanchez family now manages Roca. They're just great. A few days after our arrival, Arturo and Rafa treated 12 of us to a “Mexican barbeque!” The onion is the chef's secret: grill it a bit first, and it will prevent other items from sticking. This is a good start to our winter!

Our local town is Jocotepec, a very traditional Mexican town of about 16,000, with historic roots and traditions. In contrast to Ajijic and Chapala, which are farther east on the north shore and have many thousands of American and Canadian residents, few extranjeros/outsiders live here. Marilyn, a long-time friend of Gigi’s, does live in “Joco,” and introduced us to this wonderful region in 2005. We’ve spent time here every year since. We enjoy the friendly residents, local events, and restaurants and shopping that meets our everyday needs. We’ll be in Mexico into May. We will visit other locations, but could stay here a couple of months.


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