December 17, 2009

Blog Launch with Holiday Wishes

Hello, everybody! Today we are wishing you the very best holiday celebrations ever, from Jocotepec, Mexico!

Our new C & G CHRONICLES blog is being published TODAY as our surprise to you. Our hope is that it will entertain, and will help us to stay in better touch across the miles. We'll talk about the present, and tell a few stories of our sailing days. Throughout the year, if you should have the fleeting thought...”I wonder where Chuck & Gigi are?” or “What are those nuts doing, anyway?” you may stop by to take a peek and find out! The blog starts with a few background entries. We’d be delighted if you would also like to leave us a note or make a comment (just click the purple comment link)!

The Christmas season has recently begun, with a tree in the plaza, in front of the Jocotepec Municipal building, and crèche in the Cathedral plaza.    
Did you see the Devil watching in the background?


Until the 15th, everyone was busy with a 12-day celebration honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is central to the history of the Mexican Catholic Church, and a symbol of Mexican nationalism and patriotism. Her image was exhibited in all churches with the Mexican flag, and  in displays in and outside homes.                                                        
Though we did not participate, we were well aware of the goings-on at our closest church because of the Mexican version of “Get Me to the Church On Time”… which begins about 5 am with thundering thuds spaced a few seconds apart. These are cohetes: home-made gunpowder rockets-on-a-stick, launched by hand at some risk, producing a loud Boom. BOOM. BOOM. Boomboomaboobooboom! It may be a designed to wake the congregation, but it must do a good job of shaking the whole town up and off into their day. We’re almost a mile away. I fumble to reach the ear plugs. Zzzzzz. 

During the last few evenings, booths with food and games were set up, and the darkening street was filled with families and music. And cohetes. One night in the dim light, we had to detour our truck around dancers in Indian dress. It was just one of the interesting surprises that occur so often in Mexico!

So, now, the Mexican Christmas traditions begin. The veggie market has pinatas. Tiny handmade figurines are offered for household tableaux.
And, look at these cuties are outside our gate, living the life of pampered gluttons. Sadly, we expect their numbers will dwindle during Christmas celebrations. Who can tell us: Are they sheep? or goats?


- Mexican Trailrunner said...

Nice, nice, nice! Good pics too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chuck and Gigi!
What a great blog! It's nice to imagine you folks back in the peaceful sanctuary of Roca Azul, where Dave (my brother) and I were lucky enough to visit you last January. We'll be visiting Mexico again next month, but unfortunately not your part of Mexico (we're hitting Veracruz, Yucatan, Chiapas, Puebla, etc., looking for pocket gophers, as usual).
Darcey sends her love, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season. Now, when I wonder what Chuck and Gigi are up to, I know where to go!
With our very best wishes,
Mark and Darcey

lostpines said...

Hi Aunt and Uncle...LOVE the pictures and thoughts..I am thinking they are goats..but they may be shoats! Actually, I do not think I have ever seen any sheep in Mexico or lamb on the you bunches. Marc

lostpines said...

Aunt and Uncle
SO GREAT! Cant wait to follow your daily trails..and I think it is a Shoat..looks like a goat tho..but then never seen any lamb on the menu in any restaurante

Love ya

MountainMama said...

They belong to Juan, one of the guards at the front gate. They are goats destined for birria, or goat stew, the signature dish of Jalisco.

Your neighbor

C and G Taylor said...

Thanks for all the warm comments, and MMama for the info! I've also learned "off-blog" that sheep carry their tails down, and goats up!

Shreya said...

What a great post, Chuck and Gigi!! Enjoyed reading it all this morning. Keep up the posting. Let's get together some time in the new year. Feliz Navidad.
Sheila and Ken