August 30, 2010

Meet the Cat

Here he is. Ten years old, he is called Rojo. Yesterday, Cat came near to realizing a deep, unknown and unfulfilled inner dream. Or maybe he was never even close…


I woke to strange noises, reeled my way down the steps. What’s that Cat doing!? OMG there was a dark, slightly oval hockey puck ricocheting back and forth all over the dining/living/kitchen room floor! A blur faster than the eye could follow, with the Cat a whisker behind! CHUCK! Get up!

That mouse could only run in a straight line, instantly changing direction at each wall. Here, there, then under the couch. Pause. Oh RATS! We’ll have to get a trap. Then he’s back out with 10 more laps around the room!

Scared, not me! Great reflexes! I jumped immediately to the bunk level and held a rug as a wall in case mouse headed up the steps. Then, loyally stayed out of the way behind it to cheer Chuck on. On each pass, Bang – Bang - Bang with a heavy hiking shoe. Just when it seemed hopeless, a quick one to the head! Thankfully, on the vinyl linoleum rather than the woven rug.

While the body was tossed into the forest behind the rig, I sprayed cleaner on the spot. My hero wiped it up. What a team!

How the critter got in is still a mystery. Cat remembers him occasionally, checking the corners. But that won’t last long.

File name            	:DSCN2345.JPG
File size            	:611.4KB(626111Bytes)
Date taken           	:0000/00/00 00:00:00
Image size           	:1600 x 1200
Resolution           	:300 x 300 dpi
Number of bits       	:8bit/channel
Protection attribute 	:Off
Hide Attribute       	:Off
Camera ID            	:N/A
Camera               	:E775
Quality mode         	:FINE
Metering mode        	:Matrix
Exposure mode        	:Programmed auto
Speed light          	:Yes
Focal length         	:12.3 mm
Shutter speed        	:1/119.4second
Aperture             	:F4.0
Exposure compensation	:0 EV
White Balance        	:Auto
Lens                 	:Built-in
Flash sync mode      	:Red eye reduction
Exposure difference  	:N/A
Flexible program     	:N/A
Sensitivity          	:Auto
Sharpening           	:Auto
Image Type           	:Color
Color Mode           	:N/A
Hue adjustment       	:N/A
Saturation Control   	:N/A
Tone compensation    	:Normal
Latitude(GPS)        	:N/A
Longitude(GPS)       	:N/A
Altitude(GPS)        	:N/A

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