August 16, 2010

Quebec and Quebec City

We hereby introduce “Quickie“ posts to give you glimpses of our travels! They will keep you on your toes because they’re usually out of order, just notes about past days. But does that matter, anyway? They’ll tell you about more great places we’ve been. Chuck keeps up the link in the right-hand column that gives you our current location at all times.

Quebec, the province: French was one too many languages for me (must focus on Spanish!), but some handy words from high school classes did pop up from the ordinarily inaccessible depths. Fortunately, visitors needn’t speak French! Bilingual translations are usually available, and friendly folks will help. All those in the tourist trade are wonderfully hospitable – and speak English with charming accents.

North of Montreal, in the Laurenians, we had a fine visit with campers and Mexico experts Jimmy and Julie- such a fine artist and his equally talented muse!





Quebec, the city: We took a ferry across the St. Lawrence River from  our Levís campsite for a  day’s immersion in a city with a long and rich history. It was  grey, windy and cold! But beautiful.

Let’s see some street artists! First, crowds gather to watch performers in the lower town, where buildings are crowded between the cliffs and the waterfront.








We wandered throughout fascinating streets in the upper town, which is within the high stone fortification walls that line the cliff edge. Cannons overlook the river.

The horses pulling the many carriages are well-loved performers! Here’s their necessary drinking fountain. 









Many more skilled artists are found in the pretty squares and along the narrow streets. The “flowerpot” near this fire-eater is shaped entirely of topiary. You think these guys are looking at the unicyclist rather nervously? They have good reason. A cartoon artist develops a sketch of a young ballplayer.






Heading to the RV back in Levís, we discovered a shop with 40 flavors of soft ice cream! Mine is crème de menthe. A cool toast to a great day.

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