August 26, 2010

A Most Welcoming Door

The long, fertile Annapolis Valley is dotted with tiny towns, apple orchards and farms - an idyllic, almost totally rural setting. Nestled  among beautiful trees, roughly halfway between Digby and Windsor, just an hour and a half from Halifax, is Paula & Jerry’s lovely home. These folks know how to enjoy and appreciate life! They’re fellow Mexico RV travelers, too.Kingston Chickadee in Hand


Chickadees are almost members of the family, and they’ll come to house guests, too.  Hint: peanuts,  patience, persistence!



And, can they pack a lot of fun into just one day! We begin in Halifax: The Halifax Maritime Museum, with an iron cage as a Pirate’s Fate. Two ship tours. The Busker’s Festival.

Halifax A Pirate's Fate  






Lunch at the Old Triangle Pub, Halifax potato dishes: the boxie, a potato pancake folded over seafood filling with potatos on the side. Haibut and mashed, the mashed on top, quality comfort food!







Kingston Evangeline at Grand Pre Then we were off to Grand Pré, a site memorializing 1766 expulsion of nearly 10,000 Acadians from the Maritimes by the British. It’s called the grand derangement here, it sounds like a sort of insanity. The site and the time are embodied in the Evangeline statue, taken from Longfellow’s poem, “Evangeline, A Tale of Acadie.” The Acadians had built a fruitful farming life around ingenious dike systems supporting rich fields, which are used to this day.

Many of those Acadians went to Louisiana, and contributed hugely to the unique cultural mix we enjoyed so much during our years there. I guess that’s why we came to Nova Scotia…where we’ve discovered so much more!


Our winding route took us through the town where Paula & Jerry were married, and on to an overlook view towards the Avon River.

Nearing sundown, we arrived at Halls Harbor (oops, Harbour) for dinner. It’s a sliver of water between steep hills – at high tide, that is. The huge Bay of Fundy tides were at the max. A valley stream is the source of the only water in this marina today!

Kingston Hall's Harbour 2








A toast to friends, the day, and to this beautiful, welcoming province!


Anonymous said...

Looks like beautiful country! Any idea when you might be headed through eastern NC??? Let me know...I'll juggle my plans which are set in "jello"!!! Donna C.

Anonymous said...

Great memories with great folks! Enjoyed your visit immensely! Hope ya'll come back again! P & J xo xo